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Happened two weeks ago in Homs, in Syria where he has run the war, Tarek was very shy, perched at the top of the slope located near school Forges boulevard. Truth be told, he dared not even hitting the coast in sled, for fear of getting hurt. At his side, his brother had straddled three skis and down the slope at full speed.

Upon arrival at Trois-Rivières, the young man of 15, who speaks neither french nor English, received warm clothing, as her parents and their other four children. Tarek knew he should deal with CANADA GOOSE SNOW MANTRA PARKA Red WOMENS the snow and the cold, he had never seen in his country of origin. “We received Canada goose Jackets clothing like a coat and boots on our arrival. We had a good welcome. It’s snow fun, but also sand!”says the shy young man, who speaks with a native interpreter of the Morocco.

The family of Tarek, like several other immigrant families in the region, canada goose womens parka sale had been invited by the students of first year of the primary school of international education of Trois-Rivières, Saturday. At the end of several discussions in class, students had to drag their own decided to invite newcomers and their families to come and play in the snow, and learn the basics of hockey, with the help of the newcomers (SANA) Hosting Service. “The children talked a lot about the weather, but as one cannot change anything, we said that, because we love the winter, we would invite families in collaboration with the SANA. It’s not complicated, it costs nothing and it force Canada goose Outlet the meeting between our youth and the youth of families, but also adults. It helps break down the isolation and prejudice”, says the teacher Florence Cornibert, who adds that many newcomers find themselves survive their first winter inside, cheap canada goose snow mantra parka red womens sale without known the pleasure of playing in the snow.

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The mother of Tarek, Nouja also has discovered the basics of winter during the day. She also had a broad smile on his face when she came to warm up inside the school a few minutes. “Expected canada goose womens not to this kind of reception. Everything is new. We are surprised, but it’s nice. It’s strange for the children, but we are very pleased and happy,”she said in Arabic.

Even for parents, get used to harsh winter conditions in Quebec was not easy. An additional challenge to explain to children who already have a lot to take. “In the early days it was difficult for them, but they adapt more. Essence, it is that they are more afraid of the cold.”

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Despite the shock of the weather, Tarek finds out so the slide, but also hockey. Enough to know to put on Cheap Canada goose skates as soon as he gets the chance? “It’s been three years since I played in a soccer club, I will continue. But I’m open to the idea of trying the hockey,”he says jokingly.

Since December 10, 18 346 Syrian refugees reached Canada, as revealed to the press Sunday. Quebec is the second province to to have hosted the most behind Ontario with 3004. Of that number, 22 have adopted Trois-Rivières as a new place to live, or the same number as Victoriaville. Drummondville has for its part welcomed 29, Joliette 5 and Sherbrooke 157.


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